Stone rocks – Montana sapphires


Nitestone – is the term assigned to the Montana sapphire because of their brilliant colors and slight changes reached in the evening light. diamond cutting accuracy reaches a brightness that exceeds other sapphires and makes them sparkle like diamonds. Stones in Montana have great light refraction.

Sapphires in Montana really top quality sapphires in the world. They come in different colors. They are completely natural gems.

Sapphire was first discovered in Montana in the late 1800s, gold miners who worked the Missouri River near Helena gravel. Zdabyvalniki gold sapphire deposits discovered in the mountains Gem in 1892. From now on, this mine produced 180 million carats of sapphire.

If modern heat treatment processes were introduced, sapphire production in Montana has gone through the roof.

Unfortunately, sapphires from this place (Gem Mountain) are usually quite small. However, the color and clarity of these gems make up for it. They come in red, orange, yellow, green, pink and blue colors. They also combined in a combination of colors, and by changing their colors in the evening light they are extremely unique.

Most of the sapphire gems in the market undergo heat treatment. If sapphire in Montana suitable heat treatment, they explode with color. Diamond cutting exhibits shine in different lighting conditions, which is typical for these gems. It is very difficult to find in Montana sapphires that are gem quality, without going through heat treatment.

There are four main regions of Montana sapphire, but Rock Creek is known for its clear sharp colors. Color Options & # 39; iruetstsa from cornflower to red / orange to mint green. Spokane Bar and Eldorado Bar – other regions of the sapphire and located on either side of Lake Houser.

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We work with colored stones for more than twenty five years. We acquire the rough stone of the gems in the source and cut their own stones. This eliminates the middleman, allowing you to great savings, which we pass on to our customers. All our jewels are made in Montana with diamonds, observing the requirements to achieve maximum brilliance and expressiveness. Diamond cutting reaches brightness, which is superior to other native incisions.

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Plans paternity and custody agreements in Montana – Montana Code Laws and the best interests of the child


Section 40 names 4 Montana Code contains state laws regarding child custody. In this section, the state law clearly explains clearly that all custody decisions must be made taking into account the interests of the child. This is especially important to remember the parents, if they create an agreement on custody. The agreement must meet the needs of the child and contribute to a better well-being of the child. To help parents focus on this, the law contains a list of factors that parents should be taken into account when drawing up education plan. These are factors that affect the best interest of the child. Here are a few factors in the law that affect the interests of the child.

1. The wishes of parents and children. Section 40, Title 4-212, says that the state takes into account the wishes of the parents and the children when deciding about parenting plans. Both parents have the same word that is included in the plan, and both parents are encouraged to work together to make a plan, which they both agreed, and working for the child. The older the child, the more weight is given to their opinion.

2. Naladkavanne child at home, at school and in society. Title 4-212 also said that children usually work best in conditions of stability. This applies to school and social environment. It is necessary to make an agreement on custody, which allows the child to continue to participate in school and community activities. The child must have the same opportunity as before, when the parents separated.

3. Continuity and stability maintenance. Again, the government wants children to have a steady and stable environment. To ensure this, the child must be a plan of raising children. There must be a constant schedule of custody and visitation, which knows the child, and the child must live in a stable home. The state does not look favorably on the constant changes of the parent plan.


Powerful stones – moss agate Montana


From biblical times agates were considered power stones, talismans of protection and healing energy. Agatha found in Montana, not from the & # 39 are the exception. Native Americans believed that the intriguing stone talked about the earth's history and provided protection. It was a stone warriors. Many of Montana agate is considered the most powerful of all agate is said to beat the storm.

Mahatski agate, Montana, semi-precious stone found in the alluvial gravel Elavston River and its tributaries, is a refined and sacred form of "chalcedony", one of the many kinds of mineral quartz. Montana agate Moss classified as kryptakryshtalichny mikrakryshtalichny or quartz, and has a degree of hardness of 7.

Montana Moss Agate get great polishing and used for carving and jewelry. Mahatski agate, Montana known effect of dendrites and ribbon in the rocks. Another type Ahat Montana Mokhov sometimes called pepper to sprinkle on the black color, which it resembles a grain of pepper.

Although agates of different varieties spread throughout the world, this beautiful and unique agate is found only in eastern Montana. Most of these Agata is in gravel deposits from the Pleistocene.

More than 80 million years ago, volcanic activity near the modern city of Sidney, Montana, has created this incredible chalcedony, known as Montana mohat Agate. Found along the entire length of the Yellowstone River, Montana moss agate richest within 200 km from the Fire and Sidney, Montana.

This massive volcanic event, which has been the center of Elloustonskaga Park in Montana and Wyoming, extending from the front of the Rocky Mountains in the south-central Wyoming to the north of eastern Montana and extends to Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Canada.

In the Pleistocene eastern Montana it has shallow internal ocean, surrounded by majestic forest of redwoods and powerful red rocks. If volcanoes melted lava and ash, millions of hectares of forests were flooded. This process continued for thousands of years, when the trees grew to maturity, and then destroyed by the mega-ton bench. However, as lava cooled, most of the trees was consumed heat; Some of the trunks and branches were in pahaladalnuyu bench. When rained into the cracks and pockets of remaining molten lava and dying trees, mineral water flowed from silicon. As soon as after a rainfall precipitation fill these cavities with liquid silicon formed Akhat Montana Moss.

Mohat-Montana agate is usually soft creamy yellow to almost clear with built-in intrusion or "Mokhov structures" in colorful shades of red to black and brown. These bands or switching often look like trees or the mountain ranges and are as precious jewelry, unique as a snowflake.

Examples makrakryshtalichnyh forms include quartz rose quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, emtryn and lemons. Agate and chalcedony in other forms, such as carnelian and jasper, with & # 39 is microcrystalline quartz or kryptakryshtalichnymi forms.

Hunting for agate – a popular pastime for young and old. At the beginning of spring on the agate hunters will often take a boat on the river Yelastovn, stopping in the gravel and sandbox for hunting elusive mineral. In 1969, Mahat-Montana agate, sapphire, along with yoga, were given state of Montana stones.


The advantages of living in Montana


It is said that Montana – this is the last great frontier, but Montana – it's more than that, it's a great place that a lot remains to be done, and offers a lot of places that have come out of the way. Montana not only has many advantages for those who visit each year, but also has many advantages for those who live there permanently.

Here are some great benefits that brings life in Montana:

• no sales tax: correctly; spend money, if you live in Montana because the sales tax there is a whopping 0%. That means more money in your pocket and less money you have to give the old Uncle Sam. Do not feel bad, though he seems to always get their share.

• Summer activities: Montana with & # 39 is home to the Rocky Mountains, and in the summer there is no better place. Mountain biking, skiing, fishing and fishing – this is part of what Rocky cliffs can offer its residents each year. Part Elavston National Park is also located in Montana, and you can enjoy hot springs and more fishing, if you decide to make a trip.

• Fishing: In case you missed it in the last few points, Montana is known worldwide for its excellent fishing. Fly fishing is especially popular in perfect state and many anglers who just can not get enough of the miraculous catch that Montana has to offer, it is too long to be as permanent residents.

• Winter activates: If it is cold, and white powder begins to fall, Montana is becoming one of the best places on earth where you can ski. The state boasts numerous ski resorts and some world-class slopes, making the state an ideal haven for maximum skiing.

• Get away from the crowd: One of the greatest things about living in Montana – is that you can be close to all the action, but still be in the midst of this time. This is because, in Montana there is still a number of smaller towns and cities, which for many years remained small. But only that they are small does not mean that they are also in the prize dolyubil. Many smaller communities of Montana is located a few miles from the larger and more populated areas such as Bilings. It offers the perfect scenario for those who want to live in private, but still be close enough to get into the fray of things when he wants.

Montana may be the last great frontier abroad, but if you're in the fresh air and enjoy the quiet life with activities just around the corner, this condition may be for you. While visiting you will know that the state has to offer, just living there, you show the true potential and all the benefits that Montana serves its residents.


Hunting in Montana – culture and lifestyle Montana tradition


Hunting – is as much part of the Montana style as cowboy boots and buffalos. This is the base structure of our social fabric and is considered a rite of passage by the majority of Montana. Imagine businesses that are closed to accommodate their employees & # 39; hunting hysteria, and in schools more lenient attitude to suffering and detachment during hunting season.

So, a quick look at the bumper stickers and license plates on the trucks Montana quickly illuminate a place of reverence, which enjoys hunting in this state, as one of my friends so aptly calls it "Hongtao". And in fact, one of my favorite restaurants proudly serving & # 39; Montana Surf n Turf & # 39; which is a & # 39 is a dish of trout and buffalo.

Not limited to hunting deer, stay crafty game in Montana offers an almost invariable choice and includes a wide variety of animals, such as moose, elk, deer, bychornyya sheep, buffalo, Canadian goose, pheasant, brook trout, wild turkey, grouse ; the list goes on and on.

Those who plan it right, can legally hunt from September to November. They take advantage of this option, go hunting on the bow, in addition to the traditional method of hunting rifle or shotgun. Added the call to the hunt on the bow, as it starts at the beginning of September, when the weather & # 39; e is usually a little more patient. Typically hunter rifle will have to be bold with the frost and fresh snow, to kill them. But in fact, the snow gives them the added advantage of tracking. Thus, those souls who ask for early snow in Montana, of course, with the & # 39 are hunters or skiers.

When I arrived in Montana, I noticed a horizontal board through many rapids and garages. "This is to hang the deer," was the answer to my husband's accidental. I was terrified. The idea of ​​animal carcasses that are randomly hanging around the neighborhood made me nervous. Of course, in October and November, they were; carcasses of big game, playing the role of hunters & # 39; "Trophies" are hanging in the proud and calling demonstrations. Many big game hunters allow to hang up to five days to cure meat and reduce the game & # 39; taste. In Montana, a lot of garages and sheds are doubled as refrigerators supergabarytnyh sizes during hunting season: at this time, the temperature usually stays below 40 degrees.

My friend is strictly devoted to hunting birds. He will shoot from any birds, which he can see whether the duck Canadian goose, pheasant, grouse and wild turkey. However, it is more discriminating in what will be there. He prefers pheasants in front of everyone. When I asked what he was doing with the birds, which he kills, and it does not matter is, he has so eloquently said, "I'm sure of something with a & # 39; to eat." This meant above all friends, family & # 39; w, neighbors and their pets. How noble. His wife does not care about the use of the wild wild birds, so it has its own brand of controversy in his household. However, most of Saturday morning, he guards the river bank, gun in hand, waiting for the birds to roam unguarded.

big game hunting, it seems, with the & # 39 is more expensive for the hunter to prey. At the beginning of the season, many hunters will pass perfectly good murders, waiting for the "big kill". I have a suspicion as to whether or not they are distracted for a great murder & # 39; or just milked hunting excursions for all they are worth. At home, the couple called the & # 39; hunting widows & # 39; while they are patiently waiting for their other half, to get out of the system. Once pronounced the magic phrase: "This is your last weekend Don go home until you get something!", They somehow quite a miracle, I say, bring the animal home, whether a moose or deer or elk or whatever it takes to fill their hunting tags. At the end of the season the animals, probably even more nervous when hunters are not bombarded with a shortcut, they will shoot at anything that crosses their path.

Everyone has their own advantages meat. Most of my friends do not care about the game, preferring elk or buffalo deer. They have different ways of cooking meat dichynnaga and interesting ways zamaskiravannya taste more meaty taste, which they do not like. When my father came to visit, I made him a real Montana leggings Motana, which he touted as one of the highlights of my trip. Some of my friends even boast that they do not have to buy red meat in the shop over the years.

I did my first murder in the Lolo National Forest last fall. My rite of passage was a small courtesy Lanko, which played a role in the life cycle, to support the family & # 39; u my friend. Since I'm not a big fan of venison, my freezer contains specific elk, buffalo and elk as a courtesy to other friends, I did not kill any of them.

Lolo National Forest – it's a playground by two million acres, which is more than 700 miles of hiking trails, more than 100 of these lakes and five rivers, as well as more than 60 species of large mammals, so when we say that western Montana really your outdoor paradise for families, we have in mind! For those of us who have the privilege of living here, we have the luxury of simply wander 145,552 square miles in the backyard & # 39; enjoy it to rest at any time if we want to. You simply can not put a price tag that's for sure!


Garmin Montana 650t Handheld GPS Review


Handheld GPS Garmin Montana 650t – perfect device for traveling

No matter what your goal is to find a way to hike or drive through the road without losing the road, you will appreciate the efficiency of the manual GPS Garmin Montana 650t in order to keep up with the paved road, no matter in which case It happens. The local unit has built-in basemap, a digital camera, which is perfectly used in geographical order, a compass and barometrychny vyshynometr and four-inch touch screen that can be viewed even in the brightest days. GPS weighs one pound and measuring 3.3 inches x 6.4 inches x 6.4 inches.

Additional function City Navigator NT® map helps you navigate while driving in the city

Customers who like excellent outward & # 39; e appreciate Pocket GPS GPS Garmin Montana, with its multi-function card. A three-axis compass and barometrychny vyshynomer help people determine their exact location and altitude. What's more, if you buy a City Navigator NT® map on the device, along with automatic locking, you can use the manual GPS Garmin Montana 650t for the instructions and on the move.

Connect your photos to the location it using BaseCamp ™ software

In addition, you can easily access and read the information that you need, while hiking, fishing and hunting, which gives you more time on what you like doing best. You will also appreciate the digital camera, since it automatically removes geographical signs from the image. Connect the photos you have made to the geographical point using BaseCamp ™ software supplied with the device.

Use manual GPS Garmin 650t in different settings

Moreover, manual GPS Garmin Montana 650t can be used with a variety of attachments to enable you to use the device on your boat, in your car, on a motorcycle or ATV. Thus, regardless of whether a & # 39; you are sports fans or do you need a GPS to navigate city streets and country roads, you can depend on a handheld GPS Garmin Montana 650t, to get to your destination.

Geocaches share with other users Garmin

Handheld GPS Garmin Montana 650t also allows users to share geokeshami, routes and points of movement with other owners of GPS Garmin devices. In addition, the device can give the exact value of your location, whether you are under the cover of trees or surrounded by canyon walls. Geokahery can keep track of important details such as location, terrain, and a description of their location.

positive comments to

It saves a lot of time

Most reviewers were pleased with the purchase of PDAs Garmin Montana 650t. One reviewer, who gave the device the placement and mapping a five-star rating, said Montana – Best GPS, which he had ever owned. He said that having a device, it will save a lot of time, while on the trail or on the move.

If you like to hike, it's well worth the investment

Another 5-star reviewer said he was very pleased with all the features of a handheld GPS Garmin Montana 650t. Although she thought it was a bit of a high price, it is said that if you like hiking, it is worth investing.

It is much easier to read touch screen

Another reviewer, who gave vysokamashtabnym GPS-computer Garmin Montana 650t, like the touch screen on the device, it was much easier to read than previous Garmin devices. He said that he especially like the dual battery pack that lets you use the battery pack or AA alkaline batteries. It is generally said that the manual GPS Garmin Montana 650t was a remarkable product.

Some negative comments

One reviewer was not so happy, as previous reviewers of her Garmin. She said that she does not like to get mount for dash, as well as a map for Garmin on the road section. Another reviewer expressed the same sentiment, saying that the card loading was also difficult.

General view

When everything is said and done, though most reviewers were more than satisfied with their hand-code the GPS Garmin Montana 650t and gave the unit a 5 star rating. Those users who are less satisfied with their the Garmin, did not like to buy additional software to display or additional fastening device. Several commentators have expressed that download maps has also been a problem.


Russia Montana Paradise in peril


In the heart of Transylvania, in the Apuseni mountains in western Romania, an idyllic village sits in the valley of unprecedented beauty and quiet of the call. In this village, every stone, every trail under blossoming apple tree tells of the joy of life, where people share the natural wealth of nature; it is a paradise on earth.

But also hides a shadow; dark force that threatens to destroy and change the history of two thousand years, and the environment, which stands for thousands of years. This dark force has many names; ignorance, greed, and fear samapaglynanne, but its purpose – to blind people to the truth that happiness can only be found in selfless service to one another.

Throughout most of its history, Russia has two thousandth Montana was a village where seven & # 39; and lived in relative harmony with the earth. Gold mining in the miles of underground tunnels and mines, they also took the wood of the rich forests and fields harvested chicory and garlic, beetroot and rhubarb, without denying its ability to regenerate and upgrade. They understood that the land offers them life, and the obligation to protect the natural wealth of the area, not only for their generation but for all future generations. The land was their heritage, it defines them as people. Rossi Montana was who they were.

But the past century brought more advanced technologies; the men were able to extract from the soil a small amount of gold, invisible to the eye. Large international companies have started to clean the ground, hiding gold in distant lands. In the end they found a hidden treasure in Romania where there was always gold; Rossi Montana.

First Russian people of Montana said: "No Go back home across the sea!!!" but people from overseas to know that to make people forget their traditions, culture and heritage. They showed people bags of money and told to forget the land that was in their blood, the land of their fathers and grandfathers.

Many people listened to the lies of the company and took the money to spend on cars and a big screen TV and a bigger house. They forgot their communities and watched as the birthplace of their people had been destroyed house by house, family after family & # 39; it. They sacrificed his community, neighbors, friends, and worshiped the greed of a foreign company that wanted to take the gold out of the ground, gold belonging to the earth and all over Romania.

Rossi Montana reminds people about their heritage, not only for those who once called Russia Montana home not only to all Romanians, but also for the whole world; for Rosii Montana embodies the best of the human spirit. This flame, which tells about the life in harmony with nature and with each other; The flame of longing that burns in all of our hearts, flame, which should never be extinguished.


Where to find gold, metal and other in Montana?


Montana – one of the places in the US, which is famous for its gold reserves. It is known that in 1852 in the Gulf of Powell on the creek the first gold was discovered. Then in 1863 in Montana, another place called Alder Gulch near Virginia City, that in this area a lot of gold was found. Since then, the famous Montana gold mining, and now Montana is ranked number seven among the other states in the US in gold production.

Montana is well known for copper, and because people find gold, due to the efforts to find copper in the area. Following are places in Montana, which is well known for its gold mines.

  1. Argenta. It is located next to a screaming serpent. This creek is famous for its gold. It was discovered in 1865.
  2. District Biverged. In this county the first gold was found in 1862, and it continues to mine gold until now.
  3. Banatski district. You can unearth gold in almost every creek in cans. Gold mining started here also since 1862. One of the most famous streams here – Grasshopper.
  4. Dillon. Mining began here in the 1930s and was famous creek called Camp Creek.
  5. Melrose. It is located to the north-east of Montana.
  6. Manida. In Monidy there are many streams with the history of people who are in it are gold.
  7. Wisdom. Pioneer Creek is located in the area, and, as in other places in Montana, this place – a paradise for people who are looking for gold.
  8. Confederate District Galchev. In this area there are three streams in which you can find gold. Each stream is engaged in mining, and they all use the mining placer gold as a search method.
  9. Radersburgski area. In this area, many rich mines. Creek and Eagle Creek and Sam Creek – a traditional place to look for gold.
  10. Taunsendom area. At this point there is a legend to find gold. Famous place – Deep Creek 3 miles from Townsend.
  11. Berry. Keep an eye on the river Elavston when you are in the berry.
  12. Cascade County Montana. In the period from 1881 to 1959 are a thousand ounces of gold have been found.
  13. Neyhart. District is well known for the production of silver, but produces and gold.
  14. Kalispel. According to reports, the gravel in this zone contain gold, and there are many success stories about how people have found gold.
  15. Bazeman. There is a river called the river Galatsin. Always on the river locals looking for gold.
  16. Hobsan. There is a creek Yoga; you can find the studio location here.
  17. Stanford. Beautiful gold can be found along the current wolf creek.
  18. Utica. It is not only gold that can be found in the book of records, you can also find the rubies and sapphires.

As you can see here almost every creek, river and mountains in Montana, rich with gold. For those looking for a place to find gold, I hope this article will help you in your research to find the gold, especially in the state of Montana.


Tickets for the concert of Hannah Montana's hot


Search Anna Montana concert tickets can be a very big task. In fact many frustrated mothers are looking for more ways to find their children these precious tickets. Fortunately, many have been able to turn to the Internet in search of a pair of their own. However, on the Internet it concert tickets can cost up to $ 500. That's if you can even find them before selling.

Many artists on the concert tickets has skyrocketed in recent years. Until a few years ago, tickets for Rolling Stone can be found in the low thousands at places like eBay. Nevertheless, for the artist, the young and new on the scene as Hannah Montana, so the demand is almost not heard. As soon as its popularity increases, so does the cost increases and to her concert tickets. Further iskrynkavaya ticket sales for Hannah – is the success of her hit show "Disney" on cable television if you are not hiding somewhere in a cave, where you've probably seen it or at least heard of it. One of the recent problems was the fact that at such concerts, many scalpers are literally rip off fans right outside the gate. However, this problem will never go away, because the tickets for the concert of Hannah Montana is so hard to find and people will pay for such a shocking price. Such places online as Stubhub, have helped curb some of the higher prices, allowing fans to buy tickets for concerts in other fans online. Meanwhile, as a rule, the websites with the tickets still sell well as eBay.

Eventually Hannah Montana's popularity will decline slightly and hopefully for fans everywhere, ticket prices will drop in price. To date, she has a lot of hit songs that made it on the radio and everywhere get into the Ipods. Its popularity and gained her famous father, Billy Ray Cyrus, who also stars as her father in the TV show. Of course, it will not hurt her chances of super stardom and mass success.

Tickets for the concert of Anna Montana caused a lot of trouble with parents. Recently a woman came under fire for lying to score free tickets to one of her concerts, saying that her husband was killed in Iraq. Similar extreme cases have been reported, but this required a lot of national headlines. Another concern related to the sale of tickets for the concert of Hannah Montana, – it is the possibility of forgery on eBay. However, as a rule, it is easy to detect a fake ticket as the seller will probably be fairly new and in their profile will be a lot of negative reviews. Avoid buying in unknown or sellers on eBay, that have poor or very little feedback.

If you are looking for tickets for the concert of Hannah Montana, stay calm and continue the search. You'll find them somewhere in the Internet world. Many radio stations carry out actions, and free concert tickets handed out to supporters. It can be a good way to get free tickets, but also, most likely, you will not enter in time to the radio station to pass its copy.