Tips for property buyers

Whether it's a bachelor who would like to have their place, maladazhonavaya couple looking for a home for the education of the family & # 39; and, any pensioner who is looking for a place of comfort where you can sit and watch as the day goes by, the property exploration may become your first step. Getting home – it's a major decision, since it entails a lot of money, so you need a lot to ponder it. Here are three basic tips for home buyers.

Tip number 1: Choose a location that meets your needs

The location of your property determines the resale value of your home. Properties that are in close proximity to schools, churches, hospitals, markets, shopping centers and offices, with a & # 39 is one of the most desirable. However, for people who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere and smell the fresh air, you can select the property, located away from the bustle of the city. Exclusive units can also be a good place if you are looking for a quiet place in the city, but you should note that the price tag may be a bit high.

Tip number 2 Check the total area and the architectural taste of home

Before heading to the tour of the house with a real estate agent, you must have a mental picture of what you are looking for, you need to visualize your house, which will soon be dream.

• How many people will live in the house?
• How many rooms do you need?
• Do you have any children, children or the elderly?
• What is your style? Traditional, contemporary, Asian inspired, country, etc.
• Want more benefits? Pool, fountain, Coy pond, etc.

Tip number 3: Live within your means

You finally saw their dream home, a large house with an Olympic-size swimming pool, located in the most exclusive subdivisions. Question: Can you afford it? Be sure to check the pockets of the first to get a choice of what you can afford.

With these tips your dream home in the shortest possible time will be able to reach you. Now you are well equipped with the knowledge necessary to select the location, check the area and life in the framework of livelihood. You will save a lot of your earned money as well as save a lot of your precious time.

Growing roses – what kinds of roses are easy to grow?

FLORIBUNDA / Synonym: "Royal occasion"

"Montana I" is considered one of the most high-quality bedding red roses all over the world. In June, short dark-red buds open to detect red inflorescences, whose brilliance is emphasized because of the usually large Hron. This rose inexorably continues to bloom until the fall, and is considered to be very useful to provide a durable and highly colored structure. Though it blooms profusely, its growth can be stimulated further by cutting particularly long shoots before flowering period in late May. This contributes to the branch, which, in turn, makes it more active; as a consequence, it will bloom even more profusely. Escape dried bunches must kill the head just above a set of five leaves.

"WORMS Work"
Synonyms: & # 39; Major Fair & # 39; & # 39; & # 39 Harhero; / Circle rose, floribunda, PAKRYTAK

Despite the dark-red blooms, "Red Yesterday" has a really striking effect. This is due to white eyes in the center of the tiny flowers that bloom continuously throughout the summer. Bunches of roses repeatedly awarded fairly round and resemble hydrangeas. This rose strangely universal. As bed rose looks attractive in the center or on the back of beds and borders. Like a rose bush looks good as a coating for walls and hedges; or, as an instance of a plant in combination with others, it is a pleasure for all the long flowering period. Its spread and bend naturally make it suitable as a ground cover. Its magnificent terrace in bloom, looking great, when it is planted on the slopes of the terraces and the shore or within a track and allow to spread. To do this, only three to four plants per square meter (square yard).

FLORIBUNDA / Synonyms: & # 39; Ondella & # 39; & # 39; Red Meilove & # 39;

"Rouge Meilove" embodies the successful elements of the new rose, sought by breeders – the beauty, richness of flowering, as well as a high degree of resistance to diseases of leaves. His hard glossy foliage provides greater resistance to black spot and mildew. Roses with this characteristic well with perennials, which give a lot of rapid plant growth. The disadvantage of near landing & # 39 is that the blooms and leaves will take longer to dry out from dew and rain, which increases the risk of fungal attack. "Rouge Milove" shows the fires throughout the summer in pots, and in partnership with perennials. Plant four to five per square meter (square yard), is used when the rose bulk landings.

Windows 8: Six top tips

After installing Windows 8 on your system and upgrade it to the latest software, you should ask about the next step. At such times, you need to know how to go on and learn new tips that will help you get it started, providing you with ease of operation. Let's learn about these six important tips that will help you get through.

Arrange the icons on the start screen

We all love the organized form of icons on the screen, no one likes that tiles scattered around the screen is also sometimes confused. To achieve a more organized type of screen it is necessary to start with the organization of columns. It's as easy as using drag and drop features, especially when it comes to the relevant groups of icons dumping. You also have the possibility to dump icons cluster. Move the mouse on the right of the screen; click on the icon representing a hyphen in the picture window. This will reduce the start-up screen, and now you can conveniently navigate the desired columns. You can also rename columns, respectively, by right-clicking on the column; Now, select the group name.

Changing the Start screen animations

Initially at Windows 8 you will be greeted with numerous background colored icons reflected from left to right. They are more like a show of animation, full of solid colors. However, the graphics, which with the & # 39 is the time of opening and closing system, a & # 39 is sad. Thus, to get a nice rate, you can apply the settings accordingly, here's how:

• Go into the registry through regedit in the Start screen
• Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion ImmersiveShell Grid
• In the right pane of Windows 8, right-click
• Scroll to New and click DWORD
• Rename the DWORD value to Launcher_SessionLoginAnimation_OnShow
• Double-click the option and set the value to 1
• Now you are waiting for the new Windows animation when opening and closing system

Location strings

As long as you have entered the registry key, you can make another change. You can do another mood in your system icons in rows. You can make a setting that will allow you to lock the specified number of rows of icons that appear on your Start screen. It's as easy as setting that you created to start the animation, simply create another DWORD and rename it Layout_MaximumRowCount. Now enter the number of lines by double-clicking on the icon. Remember that you can add up to 5 lines. In addition, to be able to apply the settings, you need to reboot the system.

Bar shortcuts and charm

If you do not use the device with a touch screen, you know how annoying to use other input devices such as a keyboard and mouse. They can get access to the menu, which otherwise easily accessible, so why not take advantage of the keyboard speed. You can use commands such as key Windows + H to display the sidebar Share, it will help to reveal the Charms Bar submenu. Key Windows + I to display settings to also turn off the computer, or if you want to open the menu, then you can do it at the same time pressing the Windows key and press X.

Change the lock screen options

It's really annoying when every time you will need to log in as you are not working with a touch screen. Therefore it is better to get rid of the option to lock the screen.

• Go to the Group Policy Editor by typing gpedit.msc
• Navigate to Computer Configuration
• Select Administrative Templates
• Go to the Control Panel, and then click Personalization
• Double-click the option "Do not show the lock screen"
• This will unlock the functionality of the screen, and then press the OK, to confirm the changes

Make screenshots made easy

Screen capture of the previous version of Windows will include several stages. With Windows 8, all this is made possible in a single step:

• Pressing Windows + Print Screen, it will do a screen shot at the same time to reset the image file into a folder named screenshots.

All tips given above – the six most important and easy-to-use tips to help you get started with Windows 8.

Sustainable development – the role of coal

The debate about the future of America's energy policy to sink, and the policies of this explosive election season it can reach temperatures of almost burning. One area that has long been a bastion of American power establishment – is coal, and coal is the case with a special weight for two reasons. The first is that massive reserves in western US states like Montana and Wyoming allow for life path to improved energy independence from unstable and often non-economic states producing oil. Individual stocks in Montana constitute a staggering 120 billion tonnes of production; On the level of consumption in 2006 would be enough to meet the needs of a powerful set of coal in China for nearly half a century. Minus, of course, is that the power plants running on coal, with the & # 39 is one of the most heinous ejection of greenhouse gases.

This clash of interests has generated vocal opposition in Washington and across the country regarding the role that coal will play in America's future. Majority Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid and other influential figures of the congress, such as the representative Henry Waxman, expressed open opposition to the emergence of any coal interests, arguing that the cost of carbon is too large, and attention is better to focus on renewable energy sources such as wind , geothermal and solar energy. Aware of the increasing pressure, coal mining giants that generate billions of profit seeking fuel, which is less than the carbon released into the atmosphere. But raids and other term "clean coal" will only ever aksimaronam.

Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana has created a well-deserved reputation as a fighter for environmental reasons. However, his condition is divided between environmental elements and the more traditional core, which consists of rancharav and agraryyanav, and, of course, the interests of the "large-scale coal," which he considered negligible. Avoiding this section, it is uniquely positioned to make a push for more efficient use of coal. "There is nothing we like to go forward with coal," – he said recently. "The question is, how are we going to move forward and develop the technology that will make coal clean?"

The main property Schweitzer with 39 & # is the realization of large-scale projects of coal gasification and carbon liquids. Like other alternative energy initiatives such as biofuels, their ultimate effectiveness and desirability remain uncertain. But given America's energy requirements, and that will continue to play a major role in the foreseeable future coal power, it seems worthy of our attention.

In the coal gasification process coal decomposes into its components by subjecting it to very high temperatures and pressure with steam and oxygen. The resulting synthesis gas or "singas" mainly carbon monoxide and hydrogen. It is much easier to remove contaminants such as mercury and sulfur with singasu, allowing them to burn more cleanly. Furthermore, after purification snaygaz it resembles the natural gas that can burn it in a more efficient gas turbines. The gas can be recovered into liquid fuels using Fischer-Tropsch process and can then be used directly as oil for heating food or for vehicles.

The prospect is not without unequivocal drawbacks. First and foremost, this would entail the continuation of coal mining and the production itself can be a vile practice. Secondly, although it can significantly reduce the levels of carbon dioxide, which emit from coal plants are dirty, it still emits significant amounts. Issues regarding the easier to do, but the common idea of ​​"sequestration" – conservation of carbon dioxide in underground – remains problematic. Finally, the cost of infantile stages station "integrated gasification joint cycle" (IGCC) for power generation are very high. However, as with all new and untested technologies, it is expected that these costs will decrease, if the plants become widespread.

Due to the extraction of coal, which will continue to need, and because it only allows reductions in CO2 levels and not their elimination, coal gasification can not be considered a solution in an absolute sense. Of course, there is the issue of external energy admission in the gasification process. But it is when a person takes a more pragmatic view, its feasibility light may be starting to shine through. Coal mining should be strictly controlled. For early start IGCC plants need heavy subsidies and other incentives. But if costs begin to fall, coal gasification and CTL technologies can be vital catalysts for energy independence and cleaner fuels.

12 MFPs for emergency rescue


This is one of the most important items in your kit. While the accessories will be different, good multyinstrument may include pliers, wire cuts, stripping wire, a plurality of blades, adchynyalniki for bottles and bottles, various screwdrivers, nut drivers, scissors, tweezers, a ruler, an awl, etc.


Although it is not very compact, machetes and hatchets most easily serves more goals. If your kit has a machete and a multi-tool, you do not need an ax and a knife. The only function that is lost as a result of the elimination, – a hammer on the back of most of the hatches, but sticks or stones will work fine for most needs hammering in survival situations.

The blades are made of a plurality of different types of metals and alloys at different temperatures and thicknesses, widths, lengths, styles and shapes. Handles are made of many different kinds of materials in all shapes and sizes. Good machete survival receive a semi-flexible blade longer than 18 cm, which is easy to sharpen, but with moderate use keep good advantage. Most importantly, the handle should be comfortable and fit well in the hand. With the help of a machete, you can perform any task that can be done with a large knife or ax. It can also be used for digging or a spy or as a dangerous weapon. Install and use a wrist cord when broken down or waving a machete.


The most common parachute cord has a tensile strength of 550 pounds. It is much more difficult than is necessary for the majority of cases, survival. The diameter of the cord is 4 mm. That does not sound like much, but add up. Cord smaller diameter with a tensile strength of 200 – 250 pounds is sufficient and has half of the bulk. Use for the erection and construction of shelters and helpful camp finishes, repairs of clothing and equipment or as a sling for the maintenance and transportation of goods, beams of wood, twigs, reeds or grass for bedding, drag processes from the trees for firewood, lacing his boots, belts, traps, and traps signaling "cracker", and tires are required secure dressings in place, the starting material fire … list goes on. Spend at least 30 & # 39;

4. ucts cover

Get a good roll of heavy-duty stamps. Use it to repair clothes, boots, tools and equipment, constructing shelters, furniture and tools. Use it to remove the hot spots of friction on the feet to avoid a & # 39; blisters, and wrap hands as makeshift gloves. If necessary, roll into a "rope" that is good for making snowshoes. It also makes a good trap for the mouse and fire-starter.

5. Dental escape

200 reels of wax dental floss can be invaluable. Although it is important to maintain the rules of oral hygiene, it can serve other purposes, such as the repair of small items, sewing and pashyvannyu clothes, boots (or skin), the manufacture of tools and weapons, or used as a scaffold.


This may be galvanized, stainless steel or copper. The more flexible the better. With the help of repair items gear, make traps and snares, and fire, to suspend a pot, meat and other food on the fire. Grill or the "toaster" can be wire.

7. Plastic sheets

Black leaf with 6mm load 6 & # 39; x8 & # 39; and more. Use as a wind block, the slope of the roof, the roof, the rain fly, a blanket or poncho, and to protect the devices and clothes against rain, snow and dew. Use to collect and store water, make solar. The black color absorbs sunlight to create heat that will warm the water and quickly make the water faster than the clear plastic when used as sunlight, and may be more visible to rescuers in specific locations and conditions.


The reflective qualities of space blankets are perfect for displaying body heat back to you, or heat from a fire to you or to your shelter. In addition to the plastic sheet, there are many combinations and configurations, which can be enabled to provide shelter and / or bed linen. Space blanket shiny, like aluminum foil, at least on one side, which is good for signaling rescuers under sunny conditions.

9. WAX Champagne

Use for lighting, heating, cooking, lighting fires and alarms at night. The molten wax can be used to waterproof leather boots, as well as the hips, knees and seat made of cotton trousers. During the "season of bedbugs" includes tsytranely candle to get rid of the insects. If no water and you have a dry mouth, saliva is released during chewing coma wax, and it can help curb hunger. Chewing act helps blood circulation in the head, which can lead to closer working of the brain, which is good in a survival situation.

10. It is difficult, sad bags ZIPLOC

Bag of 1 or 2 gallons are ideal for packaging items of clothing, food, toiletries and other items of gear. Use to collect and store water. with a gallon size bag can be worn on your toes to keep your feet are dry or the hat or head to head was dry. Sandwich bags are perfect for storing small items. Worn bags can be used to fuel the fire.


Paper towels are useful not only for daily use, but also for other uses; note paper and bandages for wounds, filtering sediment from drinking water and toilet paper.

12. Favorable Food

Best choice of snacks and Frith Dorrit. While it's not the healthiest food, it will continue to provide fuel for your body and very desired salt, which helps prevent muscle cramps. Frith and Darytas flammable. Use 2 or 3 as a gentle or light the whole portion of the bag for quick-fire in wet conditions.

When assembling your kit Consider other use of the subject or other objects that can serve its purpose. Kansaliduytsesya to eliminate the need for multiple target objects, to reduce the need for space and weight of your kit. Assemble your kit according to your needs, but be simple and streamlined multifunctional elements of survival gear and confidently sutykaytsesya with its next survival situation.

Model Overview Weber Mandolin, Gallatin F

Sound of the Earth, he is, Weber mandolin, with Montana, creates some of the best mandolin world aktavnyya mandolin, mandola and mandachely. Among Weber's line – it Gallatin F, carved top mandolins with a simple, rustic views. Galatsin F looks as if at home in a rustic Montana. Galatsin F contains a few ornaments and decoration, which reminds me of the skin and the texture of stainless steel texture with texture Weber. The model is named after Galatsin River in Montana, which is a & # 39 is one of three divorces the Missouri River, and named Meryryvezer Lewis of Lewis and Clark expedition in honor of Albert Galatsina, who served as finance minister.

Weber & Gallatin F will work well for bluegrass and country music, especially for the lead of the game with the shag, which goes on forever. Many of the cortex with a balanced tone that provides a solid bass, which allows middle and high passes cleanly and clearly.

Previously made with mahogany back and sides, Gallatin F mandolin is now built with maple back and sides, but larger instruments galatynu still built of mahogany. Features Mandolin Gallatin F – solid Sitka top, back, and rim of maple tones haircut, matte finish, Weber plate and a Celtic knot, located on the headstock, black binding of black color with a black diamond inset with mother-of-Nut 1 1/8 inch nickel Grover tuners, dual truss rod with double acting, adjustable bridge Bracco ebony body mandolin Weber and the limited lifetime of the original owner.

Proverbs about breeding and agriculture – beginners talk review

Farmers and renchary across Montana using a unique and yet simple system for conversation and spread the news. Or stopped in the middle of a quiet district on the road, either in front of the shore during a quick run in the city, conversations invariably begin with the question, which is almost exclusively dependent on the season.

Short days of December and January causing queries that are as follows:
– "How much snow did you get?"
– "How cold it was this morning?"
– "Are you still feeding hay?"
– "Have you enough wind?"

In early spring the farmers and rancharav in Montana, there is only one question:
– "You're still heifer / protect?"

However, the essence of the conversation on the calf will have a number of questions, such as:
– "How is the Hotel / yagnyatstva?"
– "How far are you?"
– "According to still get them in the night?"
– "How did you apply to the outside & # 39; e?"
– "Were Twins [calves]?"

Once the calf begins to fade, the talk of late spring and early summer are composed of the following:
– "You did calving / lambing?"
– "You have started to deal with the economy?"
– "You do branding?"
– "Do you have enough water for irrigation?"
– "How much rain did you get?"
– "You do the housework?"
– "The children return home this summer?"

When is the summer heat, they ask:
– "Are you still not sow?"
– "What is the grass?"
– "You are hot enough?"
– "Will it rain?"
– "How are your crops?"

Early autumn brings:
– "Children go back to school?"
– "Sell calves?"

Later in the fall, we hear:
– "You already shipped?"
– "How to weigh the calves?"
– "You have begun to harvest?"
– "Made your autumn work?"

Before we know it, December has arrived again in Montana; cold, wind days among us. We run to our neighbor in the mail and ask:
"How much snow did you get?" Happy, healthy food from the crew of the "Cream of the West"!

Surprise Christmas gifts for that special 10 year old boy or girl

How fortunate you are, if you are looking for Surprise Christmas gifts for that special 10 year old boy or girl. Search sets for toys, bikes, games and drawing nearly as much fun as getting them as gifts.

Hmm … now, what dreams 10-year-old guy to find under the tree on Christmas morning?

What about the trucks and cars with remote control … set of wizard … … PC, or some great decorations that light up in the dark. Or maybe some kind of sensational board games, a tent in the back yard or the train with real lights and tracks ….

Thus, the lift chair, relax and let us take a closer look at some unexpected Christmas gifts that can be just the thing.

trampoline – What do like to do a 10-year-olds the most? Jump into the sky – that's what. And how better to do that than on a cool 20-foot trampoline. Get secure steel frame and surrounded by a high network enclosures to avoid injury. Roll RV trampoline in the back yard to get a lot of fun.

Wallet Hannah Montana – This shiny silver purse that is Hannah Montana, will excite any 10-year-old girl. Included is their accessories. But it can be fun to add brilliant color to the lips, change purse and a few shiny nail polishes that you want to put inside.

radio – How about a pair of walkie-talkie Spiderman3? Hand Spider-Man – dish and allow to communicate at distances up to 120 feet. You can talk to your friends at school, on the playground or in the house. Walkie Spiderman3 not only look cool, but also to enjoy the fun.

Cheerful watches – Any 10-year-old probably will push the hand that you admire these fantastic wristwatch. Speaking of Spiderman3, what about the weird watches Spiderman3 with spider webs across the group. Or have you seen the beautiful wristwatch Cinderella, who are constantly in pink and have a Cinderella on your face? There are other colorful clock decorated with stars, flowers, bugs, cartoon characters and hearts.

scrolling name – Now that's a winning gift. This scroll contains the name of your 10-year-old boy and the value written in the picture. Including the history of the name and famous people with the same name. The painting consists of flowers, kitten, dog, knight on horseback, and other scenes. This treasured gift ready for framing.

Now, as it sounded? Or inspired you some of our unexpected Christmas presents for this 10-year-old boy or girl? One good thing is that the 10-year-olds always love what you give them. So, do not worry and always on Christmas.

How would you create a virtual hard disk in the system based on Windows 7?

Often you want to expand the set of memory storage space in your system. To create a virtual hard disk to a system running Windows 7, you'll need to use different methods. The most common way of establishing an external hard drive, but it requires a lot of technical skills. The easiest way out – to create a VHD or Virtual Hard Disk. As the name implies, it is a virtual hard drive that you can create in Windows 7. It's more like an internal storage space that you allocate in the system to manage your data, and other folders without the hassle of installing an external hard drive.

Why create a VHD?

The first reason for the creation of VHD is that it allows you to create additional storage for data encryption, download and video storage. Another use of this disk can be installed a new version of the operating system without adversely affecting the physical system's hard disk. All this is possible with the help of the VHD, because it is capable of storing huge amounts of data without diminishing the speed of the system. It is also the easiest way to create a room for the storage without having to install the hard disk in the traditional way. Creating a virtual space in the system is relatively much easier. These steps are:

Create VHD in Windows 7

To begin the process of IOP, follow these steps:

Right & # 39; Click & # 39; computer icon> Manage> Disk Management> Create VHD

Click & # 39; Overview & # 39; Button accommodate space for VHD in your chosen folder. Then select the memory that you want to assign to the VHD location. Now it is necessary to include this functionality to initialize and create the volume.

initialization VHD

To use the VHD, you need to initialize it. To do this, follow these steps:

VHD Click the right mouse button> Initialize Disk

C & # 39 window appears in which to select the MBR (Master Boot Record) and click on the & # 39; OK & # 39; button to initialize the VHD.

Create a & # 39; volume

Now, the final step – to create a & # 39; the volume, to ensure full functionality of the VHD. This process is required to create a & # 39; the volume in order to maintain the system files. To do this, you need to perform the steps of:

Right-click on the VHD> Simple Volume

It includes a wizard. Now you only need to follow the instructions and actions that a & # 39 are. After completing the process you have a new VHD, which is fully functional and ready for storage.

If you have any problems with the operating system, a software errors, viruses, problems with the drivers, adware or malware, you can contact the premium ISP technical support.

The Great Rockies Sportshow – fun for the whole family & # 39; and!

Sports show "Big Rocky cliffs" holds its show on the road to the Great Falls in February.

When the days are short and cold temperatures in large waterfall is no better place than paradise for Montana ExpoPark this event.

The Great Rockies Sportshow – the main show show in Montana outdoors – this is definitely the biggest and the best! Each year exhibitors Sportshow ahead of themselves with their excellent fishing, hunting, camping and boats, as well as exhibits on traveling on holiday or outdoors.

Exhibitors from around the world – Africa, Alaska, Canada and the surrounding regions and states – will demonstrate the newest products in the fresh air and talk about the latest developments of hunting equipment. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to hear presentations of leading experts hunting industry, fishing and outdoor recreation.

There's so much going on at the Great Show Rockies Sportshow! In addition to a wealth of exhibits that you can view in your spare time, also held an annual contest cups "Heads & Horns", where you get to show your precious trophy. Also presented Northwestern display for big games, where you can record your prize book for large animals Games Records Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. An exhibit of North American hunters sheds Trophy Shed Antler always a great exhibit. We will also scoring, show films about wildlife, will give children a chance to catch their trout ponds, as well as to carry out a demonstration of fly fishing, including casting and eyeballs. And last but not least, we will have learned how to cook a great meal in the fresh air, to spend the packaging and container horses clinics, and we will even attend sporting dogs for sporting dog demonstrations.

The bottom line for the residents of the Grand Falls? This is a great show with lots of events at a time when people usually feel very snowy. This is not only a great opportunity for hunters to show their prizes, but it is a great family event. And if you are not engaged in hunting or fishing, there are a few items that satisfy beginners.

Sport show "Big Rocky cliffs" will take place in a big pond February 4 -6, 2011. Admission is just 6.00 dollars for adults, US $ 3.00 for children aged 6-12 years, and free for children under 6 years. In addition, Friday – "Family Night" where all children aged 12 years and older are accepted free of charge.