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In Montana farm / ranch rustic myadvezhasts, the calf has its own special Ling. This guide is for the hotel is designed to help to other people to get a better idea of ​​what happens during calving on a ranch in Montana.

Fattening means that cows and heifers (those cows that give birth to the first young) have their calves. In many operations, it is synchronized by means of artificial intelligence (artificial insemination), so the chicks will tsyalyatsitstsa for three weeks. Full calving – including heifers and cows – usually lasts about two months, starting with the one in January, the other in May. The answer is "How far are you?" It gives you an indication, when the hotels on this ranch.

As soon as calving, cows are moved to the pasture, grazing on smaller, which is closer to the calf barn with individual stalls. At night they are brought into the fold of calves, so nocturnal calf – the man who pulls the night shift – can check them regularly. If it is cold, bring a cow into the barn; otherwise, it remains to find a place in a shelter that suits her.

Dance circles provide for the passage of the herd to check "who starts". The pair (a cow and her newborn) usually bring in the calving shed, when it is below freezing or when there zgrabanne – what happens when a cow that has not yet patsyalilasya try to take over. Another cow newborn. To bring a pair of calf boots on the sled attached cord and pulled into the shed with prystayuchymi mothers who are behind.

Sometimes the cow – calf usually – in need of extra help. In this case, ranchar to pull the calf. This involves the introduction of a cow in a headpiece, tying chain (similar to collar GSD) extending around the calf muscles and hock attachment veal, which is similar to a long time (manual winch). Working with the cow as she pushes, the bailiff slowly pulls the calf into the world.

To the rear the calf – the one that first goes back on his feet and not in the position of the front of immersion – scrolling moves much faster. reverse calf timing is very important, so the calf does not choke. Once the calf enters the straw, it directly held upside down until the fluid coming out from the mouth and begins breathing.

In most cases calf occurs naturally, and newborn calf, typically about 80 pounds, and lying sucking (feeding) for 10-20 minutes. If not, the scandal Taurus helps to start work (helps the calf to get up and feed). In cold weather & # 39; e calf first put in a hot box (small shed with doors and heat lamp) to warm up. Calf, which still won suck, located in the tube, and a process that provides for the inclusion of mother's milk in the stomach.

Work calves that usually happens the day after the birth, provides two important methods: designation of a calf, which means inserting into the calf's ear (right ear for the bull calf, left calf calves) with the number that matches the mother's number. Number of calf, sex and date of birth recorded in the table for the hotel for check sources. Heifer calves receive a pass for the second procedure, and calves tsyalyats (castrated). On some ranches is done immediately, and in others – with the branding. After working calves pair everted (moved) to a different pasture. During this process, there is a lot of spankings, because cows and calves are hatching the mother, and therefore to place each other.

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