Love do? You'll love homeopathy


GO !! Shards of the tibia, painful muscles, dislocated ankles, dehydration, sun poisoning. You know the routine. You can take painkillers, muscle relaxants, and the like, but why add toxic load, if the goal is to establish a body and not to load it?

Consider homeopathy. He has a reputation among experienced sports leaders who relieve pain, reduce swelling, and leave the victim feeling of well-being. And this is done without the side effects.

Don I am not pamylyae. I do not advocate treating suras & # 39; oznyh injuries by a qualified healthcare professional. However, I urge my students to realize their ability to treat many everyday illnesses most powerful medical method. Homeopathy – a universally recognized medical discipline, which is used worldwide in hospitals and clinics. In England, almost 40% of physicians – homeopaths, and those who do not know, patients often turn to those who have. Unfortunately, it is not used in American medicine since the time of his death as a result of political and financial problems.

Buying a small kit of homeopathy, which costs about $ 150, just a book on homeopathy, a CD or a short tele seminar, you can treat most sports injuries, or at least get started, before turning to medical professionals. If the injury requires emergency care, you will know what means to take on the way to hospital. Many of my students said that they were good enough to turn around in the parking lot of the hospital, because the tool works quickly and efficiently. Even after a visit to the emergency assistance, correctly chosen homeopathic remedy often speed recovery and reduce pain.

Take, for example, Arnica Montana. For stretching the ankle shown that the homeopathic agent reduces the pain and swelling for a few hours. And the amount of time at the settlement of injuries tend to be reduced by 50%, according to a large homeopaths. Even if you decide to purchase only one tool instead of multiple sets, your money would be spent on a small bottle of Arnica montana 200. Approximately $ 15 you will have peace of mind for the next flood. . This is reason enough to keep the bottle in a camping or sports bag.

Arnica is considered analgesic after the injury, but it sold this power is too low. This premier & # 39; erny means of any mechanical trauma, such as shaking of limbs, broken limbs, damage to soft tissues and even post-operative pain and swelling. If the bed feels too strong, even after the injury, think of Arnica Montana. This is an excellent remedy for sports injuries, as in bone damage, and if damaged bones. Even arthritis attacks can be alleviated or multiple doses of Arnica for three to five days. He will also affect Gusin egg-head injury or bruising of the soft parts, such as thighs. Swelling and pain will calm down in a short time. He will absorb the injury, removing the feeling of relaxed after the injury, and put the victim in the balance.

Let it be bruised, or requiring medical treatment, homeopathy can absorb shock to minimize bleeding and often remove, reduce fear, anxiety and pain and improve the state of the injury. When used correctly, a cure for pain medication can even be abandoned. Swelling and accelerate healing. Even the contagion will be stored in the Arnica Montana. British Prince Charles, Charles, an avid polo compete, heard him called a teammate to use their Arnica after nasty fall. His princely offer – is the safety of the royal family affection & # 39; and homeopathy.

I encourage those who lead an active lifestyle or just looking for relief from failures and filling life to take homeopathy. This is the way the athletes with the mind to the general state of health.

The information provided in this article is intended for educational purposes only and can not be considered as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to conduct independent inquiries and seek the advice of a licensed physician.