Handmade home in Montana

In the north-western region of the United States one of the most popular types of construction are hand home. Montana – one of these states, and a high percentage of all homes built – it’s either a bar or a bar.
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In 2006, the owner of the “Alpine evaluators” to Livingston, Montana, said that 30% of all homes in the Madison Valley, surrounding Ennis, were actually houses. This number did not include frames of wood or cedar home. This is a high percentage.
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Log cabin – a natural building material. Cabin, built in cities such as Virginia City or cans, Montana, were built of logs harvested from the nearby mountain sides. Field house pine and larch are very common, and so many first-hand houses were built of the wood.
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These solid farms homes were built taking into account the time factor. A few weeks cabin could be built, and the remaining time could be devoted to crops and livestock. Usually logs left round, cut the ends, stacked, and then button up between them. The house for the whole family & # 39; and can only be 10×10 or 16×16. This is a small area, but it reduced the amount of wood or & # 39; chips & # 39; necessary for the construction of heating.

Today the house hand in Montana continues to hold a strong bind to the pioneer cabins, but they are usually much larger and built to absorb a wide view of the mountains. Craft house begins with peeling logs manually. Then cut the logs with a full channel scribe on the lower side and placed. After the timber walls will be created, they are built from the roof rafters, ridge beams and beams.

Construction in Montana has its own set of problems. One – it’s access. If the house is 12 miles back to the mountain range of tobacco roots, the construction costs will be higher than if the house is located near the city, the bridge is twinned. the carriageway road costs more expensive, if the excavations made boulders and large rocks, differ significantly from the ground sandy bottom.

Another obstacle that stands in front of the remote access in the county Galatsin – is septic systems. Each house with running water must be a septic system, but if the ground is rocky and on the side of the mountain drainage fields may not be established. Instead, the tank may be the only alternative.

For remote access sites also may be available only in the summer months. Snow can gather high in the air in September or October, which significantly limits the travel of the road. It is very important for the home owner to plan ahead and be prepared to deliver all materials, when the roads are passable.

In Montana, home-made reflect the essence of the natural beauty around them. Logs from broad irregular ends, cleaned manually trim and built from local wood complementary backgrounds in which they are established, rather than detract from them.