Historical stones – Prehistoric Art Montana

I admire piktogramy and petroglyphs. This 10-year-old graffiti or sacred magical symbolic code, treasure map, historical reference to the stone?
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In 1806, while in the historical journey through Montana Lewis and Clark expedition was faced with several signs of the first inhabitants of this great land. Piktogramy and petroglyphs have been inscribed on the rock face of the tribes who lived in the area, as well as nomadic tribes, who followed the herds of bison on the Great Plains.
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Of Clark & ​​# 39 magazine; s. “On the face of this breed of animal figures.” For the archaeologist there is an obvious difference between pictography and petroglyphs. Piktogramy represent complex patterns depicted on a solid surface petrogliphs cut or cut in the rock surface.
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The walls of the caves and cliffs cliff testify travel, hunting and daring deeds of prehistoric hunters and historic American Indian colleagues, which are periodically inhabited the cave for nearly 10,000 years.
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These early inhabitants of Montana left a rich legacy of artifacts and painted images, which is considered by many to have a magical significance; cause and mystically, they fuel our imagination and connect us with our past.
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Distinctive relics of the past can be seen along the Sun River, Smith River in the mountains Little Bear, the forest of Lewis and Clark, as well as many other historic places across Montana.
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Hernia, Montana, near the Kalispel – another place renders exceptional warriors, Buffalo and tribal culture. The hernia has two sites with hundreds of images. Of Hellgate Canyon, a narrow passage from Misuly Valley to the plains – an impressive overview of the Indian petroglifav that adorn the walls of the canyon. In the north of the North Idaho along Lake Pend Harel found wide-stones stones.
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Most American Indian tribes of Montana created a form of rock art. Anthropological researchers interpret many drawings as a calendar to mark important dates, documentation of successful hunts and holding battles or acts of courage. Sleeve print – this is one of the most common markings to indicate the creator, similar to today’s practice of signing our signature. These early artists lay their hand on the stone, and then, using trysnyuk or hollow pen applied liquid paint around the hand to trace its outline.

These early tribal artists have also used soft brushes made of feathers, twigs, animal hair and small bones. Many pictures sharpness tool was written. Pigments made from crushed minerals, clays and charcoal mixed with animal fats, vegetable extracts, and blood.
Many of the paintings have been made to seek the favor of the gods, to protect the tribe and telling their stories and educate young people. Located about 13 miles from Bilingsa, Montana Pictography Cave State Park documents the life before the Native Americans or the white man ever set foot on the land, which is now in the state of Montana.
It is believed that the figures in the Pictograph State Park over 2000 years. Over 30,000 artifacts telling about prehistoric life, hunting and social structures have been recovered from this strange place. Images of warriors, wildlife and tribal rituals, talk about the complex history of life thousands of years ago.
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The paintings are open to interpretation. We will never know exactly what happened many years ago, but the rock art allows us a glimpse into the culture of prehistoric man. Two major caves – pictographs and cave ghost was home to generations of prehistoric hunters. Average cave does not reflect the signs of habitability.
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Scientists also exhumed skeletal remains of at least nine people in the area and near the caves. This includes one unfortunate man who was crushed by falling boulders. Several human bones recovered from the State Park Pictograph Cave, have the same teeth and labeling as bison bones found in caves. These traces of burns and bite forced anthropologists speculate that these prehistoric inhabitants practiced cannibalism.
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In the early 1900s, many people were aware of the “Indian Cave” because they were placed on frequented route between Bilingsam Coburn and the city, located on the Indian Reservation crow. Curious often stop and explore caves and rest for a while. Cold, fresh water and a welcome shade of the cave made a popular destination for tourists.
Despite the fact that the decades of people living around Bilingsa, were familiar with the caves, they have not received this communication only to 1936, when a group of amateur anthropologists discovered deposits of prehistoric artifacts on the floor of the cave. In 1937, the Commission on the highway in Montana bought the site for the conservation of this impressive piece of history for future generations.
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Another remote area in the south of Montana contains an abundance of rocky stones. Weatherman Draw, also known as the “Valley of the leaders of” the story of two miles, hides many colorful images of people, animals and shields, which scientists believe, over 1000 years. Mystical images are considered the most preserved specimens of rocks on the high plains. More than 10 Native American tribes hold the area sacred. Threatening the drilling of oil in the late 1990s, the site is now kept under donation to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.