Arnica Montana


other name
Mountain Tobacco, Leopard & Bane

Arnica – perennial with several flower stalks. The plant prefers full sun, but can tolerate light shade, and dry sandy soil is ideal. The plant can reach a height of 2 feet, and has a bright green leaves and dark brown rhizome. Flowers, which make up all the items, usually bloom in mid-summer, and yellow-orange daisy like flowers that reach about 3 inches across.
Anti-inflammatory use of swimsuit dates back hundreds of years. Used with the Middle Ages, this flower is used in the brain and ointments for sprains and bruises. Modern plastic surgeons sometimes give Arnica as a way to control post-operative pain and swelling.
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  • blow
  • concussion
  • hemorrhage
  • bruises
  • worry
  • Taste bad eggs in the mouth
  • Fever and chills
  • Swelling with color change
  • The following bits
  • mental stupor
  • He wants to stay at rest
  • nightmares
  • Red, apoplectic face
  • Eye strain
  • Dry mouth
  • Backache

Base material – Arnica.

Areas of filing

  • Outwardly, at any Whole skin
  • blow
  • injury
  • bruises
  • nose
  • overstrain
  • Sprains and strains
  • Hoarse voice overvoltage
  • cardiopalmus
  • small boils
  • phlebitis
  • septic conditions
  • bright cough
  • whooping cough
  • flu
  • insect bites
  • typhoid

4CH, 5CH, 6CH, 7CH, 9CH, 12CH, 15CH, 30CH, 200CH, 30K, 200K, MK, XMK, LMK, CMK


  • It hurts, hurts and bruises
  • Dense breast pain addyhayuts
  • rigidity


  • Lying low head
  • outdoors
  • recreation


  • smallest touch
  • of movement
  • overstrain
  • wine
  • wet cold

Aconite should be good for injuries.

Warnings / Precautions

  • Arnica ointment never be applied to damaged skin, as this can cause a rash.
  • If the condition worsens or persists for more than 72 hours, consult a physician.



Disney by Washburn Hannah Montana 3/4 Scale Electric Guitar


My niece Soshel & # 39; yatsela from Hana Montana, so when late one night in the usual surfing the Internet, she auditioned for an electric guitar Washburn Hannah Montana, she became even more Var & # 39; crazy and ran up to me to ask her to buy a guitar .

Buying 8 year old girls this electric guitar, on which she has no idea how to play, by the way, was the Var & # 39; Jacek idea, right? But it got me thinking: greeting something that my niece was fond of music, and everything to do with the legend of her guitar, I’ll do, even if it means that I buy her a purple electric guitar smaller, has a star – shaped insertion of the flap. And most importantly, the words of Hannah Montana written on the body, surrounded by large and small stars.

It is almost every girl’s dream come true. My niece is pestering me to buy it to her, but I still see it. It’s a pretty good deal for the electric guitar for beginners. It has a volume control and a tone body is made of hardwood, and the design of an electric guitar small size and Vashybern – a fairly reliable manufacturer of electric guitars, so anyone who wants to want to talk to more than one hundred dollars for a mini-guitar for nieces, it perfect choice.

As for me, I am so far in the guitar is nothing wrong with not found, I have yet to decide to spend on her niece. I told her to learn a song at first through an acoustic guitar before buying it electric. At least, I’m sure that at least it will be able to play a song on electric guitar size Vaenbern Hannah Montana.
Bitcoin led the cryptocurrency market in a phenomenon recovery phase from the lows recorded in the last week of August. Bitcoin’s graceful correction above $10,700 revived investors’ hopes of seeing the oldest cryptocurrency above the psychological level at $11,000. However, BTC hit pause slightly below $10,800 and retreated to $10,500. At press time, Bitcoin price is teetering at $10,550 after a subtle 0.78% drop on the day.
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Although Bitcoin’s short-term trend paints a positive picture, a number of analysts with huge followings on Twitter are advising investors to continue with caution. For example, Johnny Moe says that Bitcoin’s downside if moving. The consolidation witnessed in the last two months suggests a potential massive drop to lows around $6,000.

When Hamas was trying to raise bitcoin by funneling it through a number of digital wallets, one start-up was able to see what was going on and warn its customers.
Based in London, Elliptic sells blockchain analytics tools to some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency platforms — including Binance and Circle — as well as banks. The company’s software is used to investigate criminal activity on bitcoin’s digital ledger and monitor transactions to prevent money laundering.



Handmade home in Montana


In the north-western region of the United States one of the most popular types of construction are hand home. Montana – one of these states, and a high percentage of all homes built – it’s either a bar or a bar.
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In 2006, the owner of the “Alpine evaluators” to Livingston, Montana, said that 30% of all homes in the Madison Valley, surrounding Ennis, were actually houses. This number did not include frames of wood or cedar home. This is a high percentage.
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Log cabin – a natural building material. Cabin, built in cities such as Virginia City or cans, Montana, were built of logs harvested from the nearby mountain sides. Field house pine and larch are very common, and so many first-hand houses were built of the wood.
hotel sites
These solid farms homes were built taking into account the time factor. A few weeks cabin could be built, and the remaining time could be devoted to crops and livestock. Usually logs left round, cut the ends, stacked, and then button up between them. The house for the whole family & # 39; and can only be 10×10 or 16×16. This is a small area, but it reduced the amount of wood or & # 39; chips & # 39; necessary for the construction of heating.

Today the house hand in Montana continues to hold a strong bind to the pioneer cabins, but they are usually much larger and built to absorb a wide view of the mountains. Craft house begins with peeling logs manually. Then cut the logs with a full channel scribe on the lower side and placed. After the timber walls will be created, they are built from the roof rafters, ridge beams and beams.

Construction in Montana has its own set of problems. One – it’s access. If the house is 12 miles back to the mountain range of tobacco roots, the construction costs will be higher than if the house is located near the city, the bridge is twinned. the carriageway road costs more expensive, if the excavations made boulders and large rocks, differ significantly from the ground sandy bottom.

Another obstacle that stands in front of the remote access in the county Galatsin – is septic systems. Each house with running water must be a septic system, but if the ground is rocky and on the side of the mountain drainage fields may not be established. Instead, the tank may be the only alternative.

For remote access sites also may be available only in the summer months. Snow can gather high in the air in September or October, which significantly limits the travel of the road. It is very important for the home owner to plan ahead and be prepared to deliver all materials, when the roads are passable.

In Montana, home-made reflect the essence of the natural beauty around them. Logs from broad irregular ends, cleaned manually trim and built from local wood complementary backgrounds in which they are established, rather than detract from them.



Historical stones – Prehistoric Art Montana


I admire piktogramy and petroglyphs. This 10-year-old graffiti or sacred magical symbolic code, treasure map, historical reference to the stone?
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In 1806, while in the historical journey through Montana Lewis and Clark expedition was faced with several signs of the first inhabitants of this great land. Piktogramy and petroglyphs have been inscribed on the rock face of the tribes who lived in the area, as well as nomadic tribes, who followed the herds of bison on the Great Plains.
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Of Clark & ​​# 39 magazine; s. “On the face of this breed of animal figures.” For the archaeologist there is an obvious difference between pictography and petroglyphs. Piktogramy represent complex patterns depicted on a solid surface petrogliphs cut or cut in the rock surface.
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The walls of the caves and cliffs cliff testify travel, hunting and daring deeds of prehistoric hunters and historic American Indian colleagues, which are periodically inhabited the cave for nearly 10,000 years.
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These early inhabitants of Montana left a rich legacy of artifacts and painted images, which is considered by many to have a magical significance; cause and mystically, they fuel our imagination and connect us with our past.
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Distinctive relics of the past can be seen along the Sun River, Smith River in the mountains Little Bear, the forest of Lewis and Clark, as well as many other historic places across Montana.
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Hernia, Montana, near the Kalispel – another place renders exceptional warriors, Buffalo and tribal culture. The hernia has two sites with hundreds of images. Of Hellgate Canyon, a narrow passage from Misuly Valley to the plains – an impressive overview of the Indian petroglifav that adorn the walls of the canyon. In the north of the North Idaho along Lake Pend Harel found wide-stones stones.
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Most American Indian tribes of Montana created a form of rock art. Anthropological researchers interpret many drawings as a calendar to mark important dates, documentation of successful hunts and holding battles or acts of courage. Sleeve print – this is one of the most common markings to indicate the creator, similar to today’s practice of signing our signature. These early artists lay their hand on the stone, and then, using trysnyuk or hollow pen applied liquid paint around the hand to trace its outline.

These early tribal artists have also used soft brushes made of feathers, twigs, animal hair and small bones. Many pictures sharpness tool was written. Pigments made from crushed minerals, clays and charcoal mixed with animal fats, vegetable extracts, and blood.
Many of the paintings have been made to seek the favor of the gods, to protect the tribe and telling their stories and educate young people. Located about 13 miles from Bilingsa, Montana Pictography Cave State Park documents the life before the Native Americans or the white man ever set foot on the land, which is now in the state of Montana.
It is believed that the figures in the Pictograph State Park over 2000 years. Over 30,000 artifacts telling about prehistoric life, hunting and social structures have been recovered from this strange place. Images of warriors, wildlife and tribal rituals, talk about the complex history of life thousands of years ago.
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The paintings are open to interpretation. We will never know exactly what happened many years ago, but the rock art allows us a glimpse into the culture of prehistoric man. Two major caves – pictographs and cave ghost was home to generations of prehistoric hunters. Average cave does not reflect the signs of habitability.
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Scientists also exhumed skeletal remains of at least nine people in the area and near the caves. This includes one unfortunate man who was crushed by falling boulders. Several human bones recovered from the State Park Pictograph Cave, have the same teeth and labeling as bison bones found in caves. These traces of burns and bite forced anthropologists speculate that these prehistoric inhabitants practiced cannibalism.
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In the early 1900s, many people were aware of the “Indian Cave” because they were placed on frequented route between Bilingsam Coburn and the city, located on the Indian Reservation crow. Curious often stop and explore caves and rest for a while. Cold, fresh water and a welcome shade of the cave made a popular destination for tourists.
Despite the fact that the decades of people living around Bilingsa, were familiar with the caves, they have not received this communication only to 1936, when a group of amateur anthropologists discovered deposits of prehistoric artifacts on the floor of the cave. In 1937, the Commission on the highway in Montana bought the site for the conservation of this impressive piece of history for future generations.
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Another remote area in the south of Montana contains an abundance of rocky stones. Weatherman Draw, also known as the “Valley of the leaders of” the story of two miles, hides many colorful images of people, animals and shields, which scientists believe, over 1000 years. Mystical images are considered the most preserved specimens of rocks on the high plains. More than 10 Native American tribes hold the area sacred. Threatening the drilling of oil in the late 1990s, the site is now kept under donation to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.



Dish, Montana


Residents of Western Montana aggressively look for savings in the sale of their homes. Because of the apparent attractiveness of the area, the presence of the University of Montana, a thriving artistic and cultural scene and dramatic scenery, Garden City while growing.
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Brushing the crisis in the national credit market, which began in 2007, real estate Misuly seemed for some time to sell yourself, and steep fees associated with the sale, did not give a sense for many merchants.
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The market moved to buyer’s market, and it became increasingly clear that the main driver of sales with the & # 39 are the prices, not fancy marketing brochures, open house or caravan agents.
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Buyers today are shopping for homes, they just want to feel that they are getting a pretty good deal. Many people were burned by buying homes in uncomplicated credit, no money in the mid-2000s, and the decline in the value of the property affected by the opinion of many people on the property. In the end, many people bought homes based not only on the purchase of housing, but also based on the fact that the thought that the purchase was quite a good investment. They heard real estate agents tell them that historic homes were estimated at a specific price or doubles. Now people look at home for more than a place to live, and then on a lottery ticket.
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So the price is very important when selling a home. It is important, however, that the market know that your house is available for sale. People who move to western Montana, for example, from Seattle or Bilingsa are not going to drive around town looking for & # 39; signs and write address and details of ownership of every thing they can find. Even someone in Misule that moves from one house to another is not going to do that. They want to base houses, which lists all of the available for sale, all have concluded the contract, as well as information about recently sold on the & # 39; sites. It & # 39 with the database is a service of several sheets (MLS). But it is not necessary to list your property with the help of traditional ryeltara® to your property was located in the MLS? Does this mean that at the close of this person will have to pay a large commission? The answer to both questions is “No”, as a new type of real estate broker with a & # 39; appeared in recent years.
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The only fee MLS broker lists the properties in the MLS for a small down payment and disclaims any commission at closing. Initially, these large brokers were only in major cities of the country. Increasingly, some brokers offer this service in places like Bilings and dishes. Sellers use these services as a hybrid between selling & # 39; and listing with a traditional broker. MLS program with a single card, contact the seller, because they are exposed to nepredstavlyaemyh shoppers visiting or browsing the many Internet sites such as Realtor.com® and others, as well as buyers, who use the services of a buyer.


I Am I and You Are You and We Are Both Each Other


"I am I, and you are you
and we're each other, too. "

From the Cowboy and the Cossack

The words in the title are taken from an excellent book by Clair Huffaker called the Cowboy and the Cossack. Set in the period of history when the Tsar ruled Russia with an iron fist, the story is about a cattle-trading outfit from Montana who sold a herd of 500 long horn cattle to a group of anti-Tsarist rebels in Russia.

The deal called for a small group of Montana cowboys, boarding a ship with the long horns in the hold and, upon disembarking at Vladivostok, driving them across 1,000 miles of Siberia tundra to where the rebels would receive them.

Accompanying them on their journey was a small band of Cossacks whose job was to keep the cowboys and the cattle safe in their long trek. Both the Cossacks and the cowboys were independent-minded, ornery kind of hombres and well, they didn't hit it off very well. In fact, they irritated the hell out of one another.

A cowboy by the name of Keith and a Cossack named Krug were among those down right hostile to each other during the first part of the long journey. But as the weeks wore on, despite the fact that neither man spoke a word of the other's language, a friendship grew between them.

When an accident took Kruk's life, Keith was devastated. He insisted on digging the grave for his friend and appending to the grave marker the short poem he himself wrote; the poem reads, "I am I and you are you and we're each other, too."

To me, the poem cuts deep. It reminds me that with all our cultural and ethnic and religious differences, we are very much the same. "We're each other."

Racially we are a rainbow of colors but we all bleed red. Religiously, we worship in different temples and churches but reverence the same higher power. When a baby cries, we pay attention, whether the infant is born in Brooklyn or Guatemala. We know what it is to lose a loved one. Our hearts are touched at weddings or graduations.

The most important thing in the world for us is to see our children succeed in life. We yearn to live in peace with our brothers and sisters. In the deepest recesses of our hearts we long to love and be loved.

"I am I, and you are you and we are both each other."


Essential Survival Gear For Elk Hunting


Anyone who has ever hunted for elk knows how challenging, frustrating, physically-demanding and even painful it can be. None the less, elk hunting can be very addictive. One can easily become obsessed to the point he or she is so focused on the hunt they may not realize how far they have gone, what time it is, and not exactly sure where they are. Here we are going to discuss how these and other factors may come together to be detrimental to your survival, and the gear you should have on you at all times to ensure you survive your hunt.

Imagine this scenario; You and your buddy are hunting elk in the Rocky Mountains. You get back to the truck early evening after hiking all day carrying your 30# daypack. Wow! what a relief to finally get that weight off the shoulders!

You are in the truck heading back to camp you spot a small gang of elk with two bulls in the bunch. These elk are traveling, so you have to move quickly to get to a point 100 yards away to get a shot. You have a knife in your pocket or on your belt, and extra shells in your pocket. Oh! Grab the rangefinder, shooting sticks and binoculars. We are only going just there, this is all we need…

You get to the point just in time to watch the last elk disappear into the woods. You notice the trees open up just a few hundred yards in the direction they are headed, and there is a little “spur” ridge extending off the one you are on that looks like a good spot to shoot from. You get there, they are in range, but the trees are too thick to get a clear shot or there is a cow in the way. There is an hour of daylight left, so you keep following, just sure you eventually will get a shot. The next thing you know, you lost the elk, and it is dark. Oops – forgot to bring a light. As a matter of fact, you have no cigarette lighter or fire starter, no water, no food, and you have on a lite hooded sweatshirt. No matter – the truck is this way. You walk and walk, stumbling over sticks and rocks. Now it is fully dark and you finally admit to yourself your not sure where the truck is.

Elk have a way of mesmerizing a hunter, clouding his judgment and leading him astray. Much like the Sirens of sailor lore and the Pied Piper. It’s easy to find yourself in this predicament. In this case, the hunters make it through a very long, cold, sleepless night and find their way back to the truck the next morning, no worse for wear. This could easily have been a fatal mistake.

Here is what you can do to ensure you survive your next elk hunt; You must have a small accessory pack of some kind, be it a waist/fanny, small shoulder or backpack. Many “module” type packs feature a small detachable pack. This is an ideal system that makes it easy to ensure you have your basic essentials for overnight survival all in one place. This pack must be small, or you might choose not to bring it. Bring it along no matter how short of distance or length of time you plan to be from the truck or cam – your life may depend on it.

Essential survival gear and supplies this pack should contain:

Cigar or cigarette lighter And a magnesium fire starting tool. Fire starting material or tender is good but optional.

LED Headlamp and an extra set of batteries. It is also a good idea to carry a small flashlight such as a mini-mag in a belt sheath.

A bottle of water and a filtering straw or cartridge.

A 4’x6′, or larger sheet of mid to heavy weight black plastic. This can be used to make a lean-to or shelter from wind, rain, or snow, or used as a “ground” cloth. It also works well to keep pine needles and dirt off the meat while boning out an elk in the field.

A compass and/or GPS. A compass is better suited for this small pack, but if you choose a GPS, be sure to pack at least 2 extra sets of batteries.

A very small pocket-size first aid kit. Some of these will even contain a compass and other tools.

Paracord – 10′ minimum. Paracord has so many uses it is a must.

A couple granola bars or small bags of trail mix are recommended but not absolutely necessary. You can go days without food if you must.

Lastly – a ziplock sandwich bag containing several sheets of paper towels. These will be used for toilet paper, cleaning bloody hands and arms, mediocre fire starting material, and wound dressing. Paper towels will still perform if wet – unlike toilet paper.

Providing you have dressed appropriately and have a knife in your pocket or on your belt as most hunters do, this is all the survival gear one needs to survive in relative comfort for short-term.

There are many elk hunting scenarios that can lead to your demise if you are not prepared for them. If you have a small pack containing this short list of essential survival gear items, you will be much more likely to grab it in your haste to catch up to that bull, and to have it along nearly guarantees you will survive a night or two under most conditions, whether you are forced to spend the night, or simply choose to so as to resume the hunt come daylight.

Pack smart, hunt smart, hunt hard. and above all, have fun and enjoy your precious time in the elk woods worry-free and confident you are prepared for surviving your adventure pursuing the majestic and alluring “Ghost of the Woods”.


Peruvian Cuisine: A Hidden Treasure for the Food Aficionado


The country of Peru in known throughout the world for many things. The majestic Inca ruins of Machu Picchu always top the list, accompanied by images of Alpacas and bright-colored Andian clothing, and the unique sounds of bamboo pan flutes and churrangos. Throughout the seven months time that I've made Peru my home, I've discovered something just as colorful as the traditional clothing, just as majestic as the ancient ruins, and just as unique as the music. I'm talking about the world of Peruvian Cuisine.

The one dish that's had considerable influence on Latin American cuisine and touched pallets word-wide is Peru's ceviche . Variations can be found from Chile all the way up through Mexico, but the original flavors, and arguably the best, come from the Peru's Pacific coast. This is where the fresh fish and shellfish are caught, cut into strips or bites, and marinated in lime-based sauces. The meat is never cooked using heat, but rather, the acids in the lime juice cook the fish chemically. A wide variety of cheviches exists, made using different sauces, but commonly served with onions, slices of hot pepper, a portion of sweet potato, and large, juicy corn kernels, called canchita .

Another signature Peruvian food item that rarely ever finds detractors, is the delicious beverage, chicha morada. While there are in fact many varieties of chicha, chicha morada is made buy boiling pineapple rinds, flavored with cloves and cinnamon, and colored purple by adding the maiz morada, or purple corn. It serves as a wonderful accompaniment to just about any traditional Peruvian dish, and be ordered in most restaurants either by the glass or by the jar.

Even the most basic dishes can be a pleasure for the taste buds. A dish common throughout the country, lomo saltado, is a simple bed of French fries, topped with a sauté of onions, tomatoes, and strips of beef. On its own, it may seem like nothing special, but the touch comes from the wine used in the sauté pan, which gets absorbed by juicy tomatoes and gives off a distinct flavor.

A basic Peruvian cuisine fusion that is surprisingly common can be found in the chifas that seem to be occupy almost every corner. Usually a cheap option, the chifa has various dishes that combine Chinese and Peruvian cooking styles, and has developed into it's own brand of cuisine. Arroz chaufa is a plate of rice, often with scrambled egg, bits of salchicha (like a hot dog,) green and red onion, cooked in the wok with a soy-based sauce. It always comes with a creamy aji, which one can add at their liking to give the dish some more spice.

It would only be appropriate that I finish off with something sweet to fill our the spectrum of flavors. Churros are common throughout Latin America, and can be sampled in most Mexican restaurants in the US. Peruvians put their own twist on these fried sticks of batter, covered in cinamon and sugar. They often take the liberty of filling them with caramel, chocolate, or fruit marmalade. Really, the sky is the limit with how creative one can be.

This is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the food of Peru, which has an incredible variety of regional specialties, all with their own unique flavors and influences. Everything from savory soups, to stuffed peppers, to tamales and filled pastries. For anyone that loves food, Peruvian cuisine will undoubtedly leave them with a world of delicious opportunities to explore.


Book Review – Bad Land, American American Romance


Jonathan Rabbani Bad Plot: American Novel brilliantly and descriptively describes attempts future farmers and rancharav that were in the late 19th century and early 20th century, to make a living on very questionable grounds. This land, much of Eastern Montana and Western Dakota can be described as marginal land, but the mission to ascertain the facts Rabbani made it clear that these lands were less than marginal.

The federal government and railway companies will benefit from migrants in the region. Their benefits: more goods will be transported to and fro, and travel in the region will increase significantly. However, as the documents Rabbani and I've seen firsthand, this border land had shallow topsoil, strong wind, little rain and extremely cold winters; and efforts to process rare earth arid were awarded.

This book was written at random and in an understandable way, if the author went to the region and studied some unfortunate monastery. This is really a drama, if Rabanne studied the remains of many failed estates. He even found a book in which he described the best way to thrive in these arid farms. The book was entitled Scientific methods dry farming Campbell and subtitle Camel to the Sahara Desert and the method of Campbell for the American desert. According to meteorological data, any area with an average annual rainfall of less than three inches per year will be assigned to the desert regions. This eastern region of Montana is definitely considered a desert, since most of them are on average up to three inches of rain per year.

As a slave, I also walked on this earth, but I went for another reason. I was in search of the elusive black grouse and grouse. I was amazed, many years ago, after seeing so many remnants – remnants of rotten and fallen windmills broken and gray board outbuildings, barns and houses, as well as exempt stone foundations, fencing with barbed wire with longer irzhavennem. , Enclosures, which were rotted and lie flat on the ground, and the space – a wide open space … infinite space. Book Rabbani told about the many courageous human attempts to make this infinitely poor land adjoining the land poor. Government leaflets and brochures railway were undoubtedly even false, if not True Lies.

The Rabbani was an inspiring idea to write this story, and he followed – a brilliant inspiration, research firsthand and vysokaapisalnae writing!


Hotel Guide – The radio and phrases and expressions


In Montana farm / ranch rustic myadvezhasts, the calf has its own special Ling. This guide is for the hotel is designed to help to other people to get a better idea of ​​what happens during calving on a ranch in Montana.

Fattening means that cows and heifers (those cows that give birth to the first young) have their calves. In many operations, it is synchronized by means of artificial intelligence (artificial insemination), so the chicks will tsyalyatsitstsa for three weeks. Full calving – including heifers and cows – usually lasts about two months, starting with the one in January, the other in May. The answer is "How far are you?" It gives you an indication, when the hotels on this ranch.

As soon as calving, cows are moved to the pasture, grazing on smaller, which is closer to the calf barn with individual stalls. At night they are brought into the fold of calves, so nocturnal calf – the man who pulls the night shift – can check them regularly. If it is cold, bring a cow into the barn; otherwise, it remains to find a place in a shelter that suits her.

Dance circles provide for the passage of the herd to check "who starts". The pair (a cow and her newborn) usually bring in the calving shed, when it is below freezing or when there zgrabanne – what happens when a cow that has not yet patsyalilasya try to take over. Another cow newborn. To bring a pair of calf boots on the sled attached cord and pulled into the shed with prystayuchymi mothers who are behind.

Sometimes the cow – calf usually – in need of extra help. In this case, ranchar to pull the calf. This involves the introduction of a cow in a headpiece, tying chain (similar to collar GSD) extending around the calf muscles and hock attachment veal, which is similar to a long time (manual winch). Working with the cow as she pushes, the bailiff slowly pulls the calf into the world.

To the rear the calf – the one that first goes back on his feet and not in the position of the front of immersion – scrolling moves much faster. reverse calf timing is very important, so the calf does not choke. Once the calf enters the straw, it directly held upside down until the fluid coming out from the mouth and begins breathing.

In most cases calf occurs naturally, and newborn calf, typically about 80 pounds, and lying sucking (feeding) for 10-20 minutes. If not, the scandal Taurus helps to start work (helps the calf to get up and feed). In cold weather & # 39; e calf first put in a hot box (small shed with doors and heat lamp) to warm up. Calf, which still won suck, located in the tube, and a process that provides for the inclusion of mother's milk in the stomach.

Work calves that usually happens the day after the birth, provides two important methods: designation of a calf, which means inserting into the calf's ear (right ear for the bull calf, left calf calves) with the number that matches the mother's number. Number of calf, sex and date of birth recorded in the table for the hotel for check sources. Heifer calves receive a pass for the second procedure, and calves tsyalyats (castrated). On some ranches is done immediately, and in others – with the branding. After working calves pair everted (moved) to a different pasture. During this process, there is a lot of spankings, because cows and calves are hatching the mother, and therefore to place each other.

Ready to go into the country and test their knowledge in the area of ​​the hotel?

Happy, healthy food from the crew of the "Cream of the West"!


Keep up with the girls


I made a great contribution to the sport of golf for more than 30 years ago, when I moved from Montana back to the East Coast. I stopped playing.

The truth is that I was a terrible golfer and I was not ready to devote time and effort to improve. When I played at courses in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, I paid more attention to the landscape than on the game. I went up to the task to hit the golf ball as well as I approached the mining in the Little League. My idea was to hit this thing as hard as I could, without too much concern about where he went after I hit him, and then would run like hell that was necessary when I was going to track down ball and leave the course before the next sunrise. (I have never occurred to rent a golf cart for.)

The only reason why I play golf – that's what I learned in college with a girl who was really good golfers. She grew up in a small town on the Great Plains. Golf course was so primitive that the green was the grass; they consisted of sand on which to apply oil to contain dust. Once you have completed the stack, you had to use a tool to smooth out the sand for the next player. My girlfriend is still ranked second in his state high school tournament, though she had little opportunity to practice on a real grass courses.

Other golfers usually stayed and watched, admiring the swing of my girls. At least, that's what they said they are addicted. I did not care. It could play better than almost all men with whom we encountered, and no matter whether it was her swing or something else, that first caught the eye of the audience soon recognized her skill.

I thought it was a novelty and chauvinism against young golfers wore long ago, sometime between my girlfriend from college and Michelle Wie. Thus, I am pleased to read that high school sports officials in Idaho are considering to ban the team from Sierra Harry boys golf in high school Castleford.

Last season, Harry, Jr., helped the team win the championship of the state. In the tournament among boys she took seventh place after winning a maiden title girl a year earlier. The golf course was not enough girls to allow Kesfordu quit on the team last season, and the only choice was Har: playing as an individual or join a team of boys.

Federal law required schools to provide equal athletic opportunities for boys and girls over the past 40 years. Although it does not require schools to provide a team of both sexes for each sport, this complicates the school to look for ways to accommodate students who want to engage in a sport that is not offered for their sex. This usually means that allows the girls to play with the boys, when almost no women's team to collect.

In Braurd County, Florida, 17-year-old Erin DyMelio made several times as a defender in South Plantation Highway secondary school, a formidable team that includes – and people – players who should participate in Division I college team. Although it appears to be the first female quarterback, who played in high school in Florida, The Associated Press estimated that more than 500 girls were on the grid at the other positions.

DiMeglio, which is a & # 39 is a college basketball college with a & # 39 is only the third quarterback and third string team, is likely to have limited action. This, of course, relieved of her parents, who have good reason to bother with the fact that their daughter will zvalnena against rival players, much larger than it is. But DiMeglio has the support and commitment to his teammates and the team captured the support of fans who shouted at the coach to include it in the opening game of the season against rival Nova. (He did, for two games running.)

If comrades football taken girls in the youth team, and the fans are taking their why, it seems, some sports Idaho have a problem with that?

I believe this may be an anachronistic sexism – the kind that still can not admit that a woman can or should be allowed sports to compete with men. The kind that can still look at the performance of women and to see a female rather than a performance. Perhaps this is the answer, but I doubt it.

I suspect that the objections stem from the improper definition of what "fair". According to this logic, not fair that a girl can compete in the children's sports team, while we do not accept the presence of the boy in the girls' team.

But the fact that they understand the players and the audience, even if the coaches and school officials do not, is that the girl does not have an unfair advantage when playing with the boys, while the reverse is not necessarily true. Nature endowed boys, as a rule, large size and greater power. Most of the girls have to compensate for these disadvantages skill, coordination, practice and determination. There is nothing unfair to Erin DyMelia played football with his classmates, either as a Sierra Har playing golf with her.

Maybe a strange situation occurs at some time in a place like Idaho, where the school is enough girls interested in golf, to take command, but the boys do not have enough. If that happens, and the boy wants to play with the girls team, the correct answer can be "yes." If not, there are alternatives, such as the selection of the & # 39; United youth teams from several schools.

Harry said that she, like DiMeglio, met with the adoption of peer-to-male. "The guys on my team treated me as an equal," – she wrote to the school authorities to Idaho – and if any of my competitors disapproved of my golfing with the boys, they were kind to keep his mind and react to I respect only negative reactions I received were from a few coaches. "(1)

I reach the life time when thinking about how to play golf again, together with his wife. It would be nice to spend time with her in the fresh air, enjoying the scenery, until we chasing that little white ball. I go to Idaho and then. Someday I even was on the golf course with Sierra Har.

It seems a very pleasant young woman, so I'm sure that will be patient with me, as long as it can not pass. She knows as well as anyone that a lot of guys just can not keep up with the girls on the course.


1) Yahoo! News: "The girl in golf in Idaho fights with the boys"


Love do? You'll love homeopathy


GO !! Shards of the tibia, painful muscles, dislocated ankles, dehydration, sun poisoning. You know the routine. You can take painkillers, muscle relaxants, and the like, but why add toxic load, if the goal is to establish a body and not to load it?

Consider homeopathy. He has a reputation among experienced sports leaders who relieve pain, reduce swelling, and leave the victim feeling of well-being. And this is done without the side effects.

Don I am not pamylyae. I do not advocate treating suras & # 39; oznyh injuries by a qualified healthcare professional. However, I urge my students to realize their ability to treat many everyday illnesses most powerful medical method. Homeopathy – a universally recognized medical discipline, which is used worldwide in hospitals and clinics. In England, almost 40% of physicians – homeopaths, and those who do not know, patients often turn to those who have. Unfortunately, it is not used in American medicine since the time of his death as a result of political and financial problems.

Buying a small kit of homeopathy, which costs about $ 150, just a book on homeopathy, a CD or a short tele seminar, you can treat most sports injuries, or at least get started, before turning to medical professionals. If the injury requires emergency care, you will know what means to take on the way to hospital. Many of my students said that they were good enough to turn around in the parking lot of the hospital, because the tool works quickly and efficiently. Even after a visit to the emergency assistance, correctly chosen homeopathic remedy often speed recovery and reduce pain.

Take, for example, Arnica Montana. For stretching the ankle shown that the homeopathic agent reduces the pain and swelling for a few hours. And the amount of time at the settlement of injuries tend to be reduced by 50%, according to a large homeopaths. Even if you decide to purchase only one tool instead of multiple sets, your money would be spent on a small bottle of Arnica montana 200. Approximately $ 15 you will have peace of mind for the next flood. . This is reason enough to keep the bottle in a camping or sports bag.

Arnica is considered analgesic after the injury, but it sold this power is too low. This premier & # 39; erny means of any mechanical trauma, such as shaking of limbs, broken limbs, damage to soft tissues and even post-operative pain and swelling. If the bed feels too strong, even after the injury, think of Arnica Montana. This is an excellent remedy for sports injuries, as in bone damage, and if damaged bones. Even arthritis attacks can be alleviated or multiple doses of Arnica for three to five days. He will also affect Gusin egg-head injury or bruising of the soft parts, such as thighs. Swelling and pain will calm down in a short time. He will absorb the injury, removing the feeling of relaxed after the injury, and put the victim in the balance.

Let it be bruised, or requiring medical treatment, homeopathy can absorb shock to minimize bleeding and often remove, reduce fear, anxiety and pain and improve the state of the injury. When used correctly, a cure for pain medication can even be abandoned. Swelling and accelerate healing. Even the contagion will be stored in the Arnica Montana. British Prince Charles, Charles, an avid polo compete, heard him called a teammate to use their Arnica after nasty fall. His princely offer – is the safety of the royal family affection & # 39; and homeopathy.

I encourage those who lead an active lifestyle or just looking for relief from failures and filling life to take homeopathy. This is the way the athletes with the mind to the general state of health.

The information provided in this article is intended for educational purposes only and can not be considered as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to conduct independent inquiries and seek the advice of a licensed physician.


A Million Little truths: a good horse, the memory of Tom Groneburga


Recollection is certainly a venerable genre. It's been awhile. The
the first guy who stole a few words and scratching in the dirt, from ten to one
he wrote about himself. Here's what I've seen, that's what I felt.
Judging by recent headlines, however, the breed is in the midst of
beating. Poor James Frey in their millions of small pieces of accidents
last bad spoiled rich kid to bleed down to the bank. that
it's about raspavyadanne own history, which makes us want to
overly rationalized inflate own egoism endless splashes of hot air?
Augustin Burroughs, who works with a pair of scissors that his adoptive family & # 39; I
Vows up and down, it was untrue. This lack of confidence? Maybe our
life is really not so important. Even here, in Montana, Judy Blunt
Probably worth it to think twice before writing about her scene
in-law is at the typewriter with a sledgehammer.

In this cynical atmosphere & # 39; was the product of a new memoir by Tom Groneberga one
A good horse (Skrybner, $ 24) – a kind of palliative. It's like crashing into
a friend who you had not seen for some time, arguing about who can buy the first
round. Ostensibly the story of cowboy novice novice
training, but rather a portrait of life, cross section
kvotydavay struggle, constitute a state of a person. Like other
instant classic memoirs of Montana, Fred Hafele, Restructuring
Indian, Groneberg uses his narrative armature, training horses as
start a much larger problem. For example: What does it mean
being a father, husband, friend? What are the duties we perform
our life, and what rewards?

"I think that perhaps the first time that I had my own horse
came out in the pasture with jade tree, she would quietly and rystsyu aside
me. I would not want to decide what the horse saddle to which animals
trust. If I had a good horse, I could give him life. I could go on for years there.
We might have to grow old together. Then I'd give it to Carter (his son). his
own horse, ride, have, because I know that there will always be there
it. "

Superficially, it is true that the average reading pages and blur
browser can waffle on a good horse. Veneer is all
karaoke bar and hunt for work in the morning performed vskarmlivaya bales of hay
and evening or two with svoklami. Dig a little deeper, however, and
you see these familiar Totem strong reduction
all our days. Unlike excessively sensatsyyanalizavanaga, truth hedge
memories that are now on the bestseller list, the story quietly Groneberga
According to a real sense of generosity, vision, easy to perform
best of all, making the hand with the cards that you have provided. it
more than anything else, quiet meditation on the relationship man
his horse, his friends, his family & # 39; I, his community.

Still in the midst of dropping dials after losing both the ranch and then
He writes about his work: "Maybe I can get a donkey and remember that I love
of finding in the west. pieces of my life fall into place
again and everything will make sense. "Shortly thereafter, he comes
in another memoir Teddy "Azure" Abbott We showed them the North.
One of the pillars of Montana tents uses Greneberg
WPTN as a counterpoint, subtly describing his story for us
Transcription own experience in the broad historical context Teddy
Blue example. Groneberg aspires to become a cowboy in a long line
cowboys, writers in the established tradition of Western writers, and
Teddy Blue gives him a place to hook up your horse shaped. "What you can & # 39; t
be restored is a hole in my story, the empty space on the line
It is used to read & # 39; Cowboy & # 39; or & # 39; vouch hand & # 39; or & # 39; man with the horse. & # 39; I need a new
history. "

And so we started those two threads of stories, first and
then another – training horses Groneberga, and now Teddy Blue tale.
We soon got third, premature birth Groynberga twin
sons. "I'm calling my grandparents and deliver the news. Carter looks
cartoons. Jennifer shakes her head. Time disappears. In the tiny kitchen in front
the room of Jennifer's room, I stuffed the fridge for small packs
chocolate pudding, cup of ice chips, medium-sized banks lemon lime
soda and ginger ale. Just before dinner I clean up hands and dress
another bathrobe and visit the boys again. Someone stuck on a map
each izalety one reads Avery, second Bennett. This is me, I think.
This is my life. "

Pediatrician, "the doctor assured, calms, with short strawberry
blond hair and a warm smile, "says," I like to do some tests on Avery. "
She explains that "on his palm there is a definite crease
is concerned by the fact that his ears, feeling a little left out
face. "How privileged we find readers with Gronebergam and
his wife that their beautiful new son was born in Down
syndrome. "We have to hold on Jennifer and cry. Mourn
Avery, for your future. Perhaps our sorrow for himself, for the loss of
who thought we were. We thought that it does not matter, this notion
perfect children. Less than a week, Avery has been specified,
limitations, his life possible, his future talks crease in his tiny hands. "
This measure of force, which is going through Groneberg
deceptively simple prose that break our hearts with his.

The decision memoirs enough to say that it's just lived
You were here in the neighborhood, microwave leftovers and filling parking
gaps. You're asking a stranger to spend time with my life,
after all; you need to convince them that there is something important.
Glory does the trick, as Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Carlin.
In travel, there are wheels (though less than before,
what with all the deserts, which have already been examined). harrowing
experience (drugs, sexual abuse) and professional experience
It is usually sufficient. But, in my opinion, it is much more difficult to write such
compelling story of bare bones unprecedented. here is a
view of the world from where I stand, and I, I love to share.

Book is thin enough (given the problems that exist in the subtext), and
Elementary, skillful in his voice, one good horse, finally, the rarest
literary works: it's true.


Or & # 39 Vinnie Testaverde is undervalued zvalnikam?


According to some people, Vinny Testaverde regarded as a bust after the first two years in the NFL. He came out of the University of Miami with high hopes and Heffman Trophy, becoming the first player selected in the NFL draft in 1987 year. He did not become the savior for Bukkanerav Tampa Bay team that had caused him, but he spent time at the lists seven different teams.

After a number of seasons in Thamel, Testaverde went on to play in Brown, Crow, Jet, Cowboys, again, the Patriots, and finally the Panthers. He never took the team to the Super Bowl, although he came close. Later in the car & # 39; EASURES he was a very good mentor to young defenders, and when all was said and done, he assembled a 21-year-old car & # 39; a career in the National Football League. Not a lot of defenders who can say that they did it.

Along the way Testaverde would also set a number of records, and ended his car & # 39; a career high ranking in several categories of all time.

Excellent rating for the car & # 39; EASURES Vinny Testaverde:

1. Pass the end of
For his car & # 39; 3787 Testaverde career fulfilled pass enough good 7th place all-time NFL history. Some of the names of players who have not ended so many of completeness, it: Fran Tarkenton, Joe Montana and Dan Foots.

2. Passing the yard
Skip yards – a popular way to measure how well the game, a season or a car & # 39; EPA. Vinny Testaverde finished his car & # 39; career with 46,233 yards of passing. This put him just behind the famous Hall: John Elway, Warren Moon and Fran Tarkenton, and just ahead of Peitav Manning (who has since surpassed it), Dan Foots and Joe Montana.

3. Passage touchdown
At the time of retirement, Vinny Testaverde sat on the 8 th place, all the time in search results with the passage 275. This placed him just behind John Elway and Johnny Unitas, but ahead of such well-known names such as Joe Montana, Dan Foots, Jim Kelly Steve Young, Terry Bradshaw and Sony Jurgensen.

It's all very respectable number. In fact, this is largely an incredible figure. Statistical success Testaverde associated more with its incredible longevity than incredible talent, although he had so long to play and score those numbers. It would be hard to argue that Testaverde belongs to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but it's pretty easy to say that during the car & # 39; he EASURES was somewhat underestimated.


Visit Glacier National Park


Glacier National Park, the 10th park, created the national park system, celebrated its 100th anniversary last May. Native mantanane know that Glacier National Park with a & # 39; is the main value of the state, because everyone who lives in a big Montana knows that any park just to be nice, if it is in Montana – think otherwise just does not It makes sense!

But what makes a glacier so special? For the first, it is the size. It covers nearly 1.4 million acres of desert in the beautiful and breathtaking Rocky Mountains. Within this vast area tourists can find more than 730 miles of routes.

He has also been created for a reason – to protect the exceptional landscapes of the area. When the park was created, people are finally beginning to realize that the land should not be used only for farming or mining – it was a great value as a landscape.

If you are not engaged in the study of the national park "Glacier" walk, do not worry – Road to the Sun, an engineering marvel and is designated National Historic Site allows visitors to see the park like never before. seen before. Before this beautifully colorful road was completed in 1932, visitors would take hours and hours in the saddle, riding, to see that today's visitors can see just a few hours.

Glacier National Park is also unique in that it shares a border and shares the park with Canada. National Park Vaterton Lakes in Canada and Glacier National Park in the United States collectively called International Peace Park, Glacier Vatertan. Both parks also are & # 39 biosphere reserves, and together they were named on the & # 39; a world heritage site in the mid-90s.

Glacier beautiful year round, but winter is really spectacular. Of course, you may have problems passing some mountain passes on the way to the park, but if you can visit, when the snow on the ground, you will see the most amazing and incredible sight – the wilderness untouched by man, with clear blue sky above your head, and herds elk and buffalo grazing afar.

National Park Wiesing-glacier is like a trip back in time. You have the opportunity to see nature the way God planned it, either by car, on horseback or on foot. It does not matter how you break – important thing is that you find yourself here!